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Wheel Loader

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Wheel Loader

Wheel Loader

Main Specifications:

TH-22 SPECIFICATIONSOperating Dimensions
Hp-22A.Maximum lift height to pivot pin:66 in(1679mm)
Wheelbase-48"B.Clearance with bucket dumped:45.1in(1145mm)
Width of ties (Outside)-48"C.Maximum dump angle:42deg
Weight as shown-2230 poundsD:Reach at maximum height:33.2 in (834mm)
Wheel size-15"E.Reach with bucket on ground:50 in(1271mm)
Tire size-27" tallF.Transport height:69.1(1755mm)
Pump-15gpmG.Loading reach:44.5 in(1129mm)
Transmission-noneH.Bucket rotation:115deg
Wheel drive-Separate hydraulic motorsJ.Operating height with fuly raised:100 in(2540mm)
4 wheel drive-full timeK.Loading height:80.8 in(2052mm)
Width of bucket-50"L.Ground clearance:12.5 in(317mm)
Front and rear differential-HydraulicM.Maximum digging depth:55.8 in(1481mm)
Ground speed-Variable up to 3.2 MPHN.Reach from swing pivot:94.4 in(2399mm)
Bucket lift Capacity-500 poundsP.Swing pivot to rear axle center line:29.8 in(756mm)
Fuel tank capacity-5gal 

Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice  

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End of Wheel Loader

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