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FEL200/FEL204/FEL250/FEL254 Front End loader

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FEL200/FEL204/FEL250/FEL254 Front End loader

FEL200/FEL204/FEL250/FEL254 Front end loader for the tractors with engine power from hp18 to 28hp

front end loader

front end loaderfront end loader

front end loaderfront end loader
Main Specifications:

STRUCTURE WEIGHT400kg440kg480kg480kg920kg
BUCKET? WIDTH1.37m1.52m1.67m1.67m1.84m
BUCKET CUBAGE0.2m30.22m30.24m30.24m30.50m3
CARRYING CAPACITY400kg440kg480kg480kg1000kg
LIFT HEIGHT2.2m2.2m2.2m2.2m2.78m
UNLOADING DISTANCE0.73m0.73m0.73m0.73m1.09m
POWER REQURED20-25hp25-30hp30-35hp35-45hp50-70hp

Note: The specifications are subject to change without notice 


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End of FEL200/FEL204/FEL250/FEL254 Front End loader

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